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Wild About Harry's

All kinds of hot dogs, that's true, featuring plump, Chicago-style franks on poppy-seed buns, but there's also the extraordinarily luscious house-made frozen custard, available in more than 20...
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Highlands Café

An instant local lunch hangout, the Highlands Café has a fresh and inventive menu. From burgers, sandwiches and salads to nachos piled high with cheese, tomatoes, mushrooms, red onion, beef,...
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John's Café

Basic, classic breakfast dishes aren’t difficult to come by at the relocated Greenville Avenue landmark. In business for more than 33 years, John’s knows how to break an egg or two. Plus, syrup...
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Celebration feels like a vacation. It has the smell of a hunting lodge, with lots of wood, stone and simple copper-topped tables. There are no appetizers, so decisions are focused. There are no...
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The Cock & Bull

Fear not; though you'll hear limey accents aplenty in this Lakewood establishment, there's no blood pudding or kidney pie on the menu, but there's a fine selection of wines.
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FireWater Bar and Grill

Fire Water Bar & Grill thinks highly of itself. But the boasted quality of The Best Damn Chicken Salad Sandwich Period! is debatable. And the Moby shrimp ("not gargantuan…colossal!") are really...
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Hovering around Dallas since 1948 in various incarnations and locations, Arthur's has achieved the status of dining legend, having survived everything from a devastating fire to asbestos abatement....
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In this city, there are greasy burger joints and there are joints with good greasy burgers. Snuffer’s is one of the latter. The lower Greenville hot spot (other locations are scattered across the...
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Houston's Restaurant

It's always busy, even in midafternoon, and now we know why. This upscale American chain does everything just right, from excellent steaks to melt-in-your-mouth pork ribs and inventive starters,...
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Who's Who Burgers

Phil Romano's latest invention is a no-frills, white paper bag hamburger place nestled right into Highland Park. The thing that sets it apart from other burger joints is Kobe beef, that prized meat...
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Big Star Burgers

Rowlett sure found star quality when Big Star came to town. Fresh, juicy and well-seasoned burgers are tough to beat, but the Buffalo chicken sandwich is a proven winner. Fries and onion rings are...
Jul 1, 2008 Clicks: 0

Metro Grill

The Metro Grill is really just a diner disguised as a clean, bustling Uptown restaurant. The high-class neighborhood and fancy valet are nice, but the menu is straight-up something for everyone....
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