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Dallas is tired of spending millions to do TxDOT’s yard work, especially along Central

posted on Nov 10, 2015

Every now and then the Dallas City Council is reminded that it’s spending millions of dollars to do what the Texas Department of Transportation won’t — that is, mow and pick... more →

Dallas City Attorney Warren Ernst announces retirement

posted on Nov 10, 2015

Dallas’ top lawyer is saying goodbye to City Hall, after two years on the job. City Attorney Warren Ernst, 61, announced his retirement to the City Council during a closed executive... more →

Greg Hardy Case, and Why We Need a Better Way to Prosecute Domestic Abuse

posted on Nov 10, 2015

You and I saw the stories. Dallas defensive end Greg Hardy’s girlfriend had ditched out on prosecutors  so that, even though he had already been convicted of beating her, the court... more →