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Covert Investigations

We are a full service, professional investigative agency serving primarily the Dallas & Fort Worth metropolitan area. We have investigated criminal and civil cases since 1980 ranging from petty...
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Baskerville Sherlock Holmes Investigations

Specializing in missing children, divorce cases and covert investigations
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Taylor Research and Investigations

Taylor Research and Investigations offers a full range of comprehensive, effective and expeditious services at a competitive price. TR&I is licensed in Texas and Oklahoma and operates nationally....
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Affordable Investigations

Affordable Investigations is a full service, Dallas, TX private investigator agency dedicated to providing the highest quality investigative services at affordable prices. Our investigative staff...
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Quick Search

Quick Search is a full service background screening company.
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HALO Protection Services, Inc.

HALO Protection Services, Inc. takes pride in providing our clients with access to very clear and precise information regarding our company and the services we offer. HALO is a Dallas-based,...
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Baskerville Sherlock Holmes Investigations

Private Investigator, Dallas, Houston, Austin, San Antonio. When you feel that you need justice on your side we at, A-SHERLOCK INVESTIGATIONS CO., are there for you. We are currently operating in...
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Fox Eye Investigations

We are a full service company specializing in all aspects of insurance, legal and domestic investigations, and are proud to offer the finest service and value in the investigation industry.
Aug 24, 2008 Clicks: 2

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