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Elementary School

Dallas International School

Dallas International School educates students of all backgrounds to contribute to a dynamic world with its internationally renowned curriculum, multiple language instruction, and exposure to...
Jul 27, 2008 Clicks: 1

St. Alcuin Montessori School

The mission of the St. Alcuin Montessori School is to provide an ideal learning environment based upon Montessori principles that will guide and nurture the full development of the individual.
Jul 28, 2008 Clicks: 0

White Rock North School

Tucked away in a quiet corner of Dallas, White Rock North School offers a safe sanctuary for learning and adventure. Students [Infant through 6th grade] will enjoy developmentally appropriate...
Aug 1, 2008 Clicks: 1

Children's Palace Preparatory School

Nestled within the heart of Mesquite, the CP campus resides on the historic Rutherford property down the street from Mesquite High School. There are two buildings of classrooms for children ages 2...
May 26, 2009 Clicks: 0

Arlington Independent School District

The Arlington Independent School District currently has a total of 74 schools, 9 high schools, 13 junior high schools and 52 elementary schools. The previous information includes alternative...
Jun 3, 2009 Clicks: 0