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Charter School

Nova Academy

Dallas, Texas based Nova Academy is an open enrollment charter school that was opened in Dallas, Texas, in August of 1998, with an initial enrollment of 80 students. Today, Nova Academy is a K-6...
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Harmony Science Academy-Dallas

Since the establishment of HSA, we have continually striven towards maintaining the high academic standards that will powerfully propel us into the 21st century. The faculty, Staff and...
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Winfree Academy Charter Schools

The mission of Winfree Academy Charter Schools is to create a supportive, safe environment that motivates, educates, and trains students so they can graduate from high school prepared with the...
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Life School

Life School began in 1998 to serve students and families in southern Dallas. It is through the vision of the Superintendent and founder, Dr. Tom Wilson, that Life School opened its doors with 15...
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A.W.Brown-Fellowship Charter School

A drug-free, violence-free, loving, encouraging, mutually respectful atmosphere in which teachers will feel safe to teach, students will feel safe and motivated to learn and parents will feel...
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Advantage Academy

Our mission is to educate children in an academic, character-based environment of excellence and cultural diversity, partnering with both parents and community.
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KIPP TRUTH Academy is dedicated to our students’ success and embraces the challenge of removing the barriers to education for all students—regardless of background. Located in the Oak Cliff area of...
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Faith Family Academy Charters

Our vision at Faith Family Academy Charter Schools is to provide an exemplary education that emphasizes positive self-esteem, high academic standards, an appreciation for the fine arts, and...
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Richland Collegiate High School

RCHS is a unique charter school designed to provide a “rigorous academic experience” for up to 200 high school juniors and 200 seniors.
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Pegasus School of Liberal Arts and Sciences

The Pegasus School of Liberal Arts & Sciences is part of the public school system of Texas, providing tuition free public education to its students. It is an open-enrollment charter school, having...
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La Academia de Estrellas Charter School

La Academia de Estrellas Charter School was established to provide innovative learning opportunities for students, by honoring diverse cultures, languages, backgrounds and academic abilities....
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Honors Academy

Honors Academy was granted a charter by the Texas Education Agency in 1999. Honors has six campuses (see Locations) located throughout the north/central region. All of Honors campuses are...
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