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Pet Services

Kennel Kare

At Kennel Kare all of our pet guests are treated as individuals: with their own private suites; their own diets; their own personal playtime with one of our "Pet Pals". Care is taken to see that...
Sep 22, 2008 Clicks: 1

J.D. Kennels

J.D. kennels pampers your pet with a minimum of four, one hour, play periods per day. Devoting at least one hour each for: Swimming, Ball playing, Frisbee Chasing, Tug Of War and much more for all...
Sep 22, 2008 Clicks: 1

911 Wildlife

Whether you have squirrels in your attic, a raccoon in your chimney, a skunk under your porch, sparrows in your dryer vent or opossums under your deck, 911 Wildlife has the humane solution to your...
Sep 26, 2008 Clicks: 0

Taddy Pet Services

We provide pet services to owners who are not only away from home on vacation but also away from home because of a long day at work.
Sep 27, 2008 Clicks: 0


Find-A-Pet is a Dallas-based not-for-profit organization dedicated to reuniting lost pets with their owners. We have created a sophisticated computer database of all animals found by participating...
Sep 27, 2008 Clicks: 0

Texas Cares

Texas CARES is celebrating its 15th anniversary as a non-profit animal welfare organization. Our all volunteer group provides for abandoned and unwanted cats and kittens in the Dallas/Fort Worth...
Sep 27, 2008 Clicks: 0

Petite Pooch

From dog boarding to professional grooming, we will take care of your pet for you in a love-filled environment designed to give you peace of mind and make your dog happy while you're apart.
Sep 28, 2008 Clicks: 0

No Home Alone

No Home Alone provides superior pet sitting, home sitting and dog walking services! Whether you're away due to business or vacation travel, or even a demanding workweek, we're here to take care of...
Sep 28, 2008 Clicks: 1

Guardian Pet Sitters

Relying on a professional to take care of your pets gives you peace of mind and the assurance that your pet is being cared for by an expert, someone able to handle emergencies and who is qualified...
Sep 28, 2008 Clicks: 0

Pets Are Inn

Pets Are Inn provides a unique pet lodging alternative for those who may feel uncomfortable leaving their furry family member at a kennel or with friends or relatives.
Sep 28, 2008 Clicks: 0

Dont Leave Me!

We all know that it's best if you can take your pet with you. When you just can't take him or her, and you feel you have worn out friends and family. Pets Are Inn is an excellent option.
Sep 28, 2008 Clicks: 0

DoggPaw Pet Services

DoggPaw Pet Services is Dallas’ best in-home pet sitting and service business. Both bonded and insured, we provide secure, professional and reliable pet services in the Dallas area.
Sep 28, 2008 Clicks: 1

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