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Adventures Canine training

We provide training for dog owners & their dogs in just about any area of dog training. We work with puppy obedience for beginners & can go as far as off-leash training for advanced work or fun...
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Advanced Canine Concepts

Our common sense approach to dog training is simple and effective and our unique kennel-less boarding services will give you peace of mind when you travel.
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Dog Training Specialist

We Further Offer, Personal Protection, Trained Dogs For Sale, Controlled Agression, Hunting And Retreving, Building Search, Also, Search And Rescue
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Dogs Rule Resort

Wee are hope to provide you and your dog with a safe and secure environment, allowing your dog to interacting with others and exercise evary day in an off leash, park-like setting.
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Be Kind to Dogs

The Super Nanny of Dog Training! Veterinarian Recommended. English trainer comes to you at your convenience. Using humane positive methods that work I will help you fix jumping, barking, chewing,...
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collin county canine

A staggering 6 to 8 million dogs are put to sleep each year. A growing majority of those are not put to sleep because of health reasons, but because of overpopulation attributed to behavioral issues.
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Puddin Hill Obedience Training and Pet Sitters

Puddin Hill Obedience Training and Pet Sitters has only one goal - to give the best training and care to every animal we come in contact with, anytime and anywhere. As the Owner and Director of...
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K-9 Bootcamp

K-9 Bootcamp started as a necessity due to my family's transition from the military to civilian life. I applied with many of the local dog training businesses but never received a response.
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k-9 Direction

The truth is you don't have to. If your dog is trained right, the dog will blend into your life and routine. Easier said than done, eh? Well...that's why K-9 Direction is here.
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Dog Play and Training Center

Our 5000 square foot facility is just the ticket for all your dog care needs. Featuring three separate indoor play areas and a large confined outside area, we are able to accommodate a wide...
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PetPerfect™ Academy of Obedience and Behavioral Science

PetPerfect takes a no-nonsense, common-sense, happy and fun-loving approach to dog obedience and pet management. All PetPerfect methods are so natural and all-inclusive, it could almost be...
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At MBA every class is private and consist of your dog, you and our skilled trainer. We trained with positive reinforcement, lots of love and affection and train the pet parent to be a confident...
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